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Frequent Ask Question

What areas do you cover?

Our dedicated cleaners cover all areas in and around London. We never out-source our cleaning jobs, and all our cleaners are fully trained and insured by AQUA Carpet Clean.

What cleaning services do you provide?

All types of cleaning services, from carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, end of tenancy, rug, residential and commercial cleaning services are provided by our experienced and uniformed cleaners.

How often is the recommendation for cleaning my carpets?

It largely depends on the manufacturer’s recommendations for each specific carpet. However, most of the manufactures would recommend a professional cleaning every 12 months to remove the accumulated soil in the carpets. Regularly cleaning your carpets would prolong the life of your carpets and has great health benefits as well.

What is the best method in cleaning carpets and how does it compare to other methods?

The type of procedure implemented largely depends on the fabric and material of the carpet. There are a number of approaches in cleaning carpets, some require more water and others require more mechanical cleaning. Professional cleaners are trained to choose the right approach in cleaning different surfaces. The in-house training provided by AQUA Carpet Clean ensures that all our cleaning personnel are familiar with the latest cleaning methods.

Would my cleaned carpets re-soil faster?

In contrast to conventional cleaning methods, the delicate use of leading cleaning products that are produced to the highest standards for effectives and quality by our cleaners ensures that all the accumulated soils in the carpets are removed and re-soiling does not occur.

Are our methods children and pets-friendly?

Our promise in AQUA Carpet Clean is to use environmentally-friendly products that do not cause irritation of any type of hypersensitivity. Nevertheless, we also have recommendations in place to further guarantee our service. One of these recommendations is to keep children and pets off the carpets until completely dry to prevent accidental slips and falls.

How long would it take for my carpets to dry?

It would take a minimum of one hour for your carpets to be dry and ready to be back in use. Although, the drying time also depends on many other factors such as weather humidity, amount of water used and air current in the rooms.

Would my carpet shrink?

Carpet shrinkage can be due to improper installation and on very rare occasions due to the cleaning method implemented. With correct installations the carpet will not shrink. Nonetheless, Our experienced cleaners will inspect your carpets prior to cleaning, to minimise the risk of carpet shrinkage.

Is the removal of all stains possible?

It is not possible to guarantee the removal of absolutely all types of stains, as some stains damage the fabric of the carpets permanently. However, our cleaning methods ensure the removal of almost all stains as long as the fabric of the carpet is not damaged.

Would I need to re-apply the protector on my carpet after having them professionally cleaned?

Carpet protectors will gradually wear off as a result of many activities including vacuuming, general wear and also professional cleaning. it is advised to re-apply carpet protectors approximately every 6 months as routine activities would cause the protector to gradually lose its effectiveness.

Would I need to move furniture?

Except in exceptional cases, our cleaners are happy to move furniture around to perform their cleaning activities. However, in the exceptional cases there might be an extra charge for moving very heavy furniture.

How long would the cleaning procedures take?

An accurate estimation of the duration of the procedure can be provided upon close inspections, but, the average duration is maximum of one hour per room. It also depends on the size of the room, type of carpet and the amount of furniture that needs to be moved.

How long before I could put the furniture back in the rooms?

You will be provided with foil pads, so that all the furniture could be moved back in the locations without leaving any mark on the carpet.

Do we provide carpet treatments?

All treatments including allergy shields and stain guards can be provided upon request.

What is buckling? How could it happen to my carpets?

The wave effect that takes place on some carpets are called buckling. These can be as a result of several factors, such as: poor installation, excessive humidity in the room and the dragging effect of furniture on the carpets. Ask our personnel for tips on how to avoid buckling of your carpets.