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End of Tenancy Cleaning

End of Tenancy Cleaning in London

End of Tenancy Cleaning

What Does End of Tenancy Cleaning Involve?

With our end of tenancy cleaning we offer deep sanitation of a property that has been rented, at the time of tenancy change.

This includes:
  • Sanitizing the property from bottom to top, everywhere - in dark corners and inside cupboards and in places that other cleaners might not go.
  • Removing dust, grime and dirt with professional cleaning solutions. Details like the back of the fridge and the grill on the top inside of the cooker are all cleaned perfectly.
  • Wooden, laminate or tiled floors cleaned professionally with the appropriate cleaning materials.
  • Every room from the kitchen, to the bedroom and all bathrooms will be cleaned inside and out along with any and all appliances in the house.

Have a look at our end of tenancy checklist to see everything that is included. You can be confident that the next tenant of London will move into a fresh deep cleaned accommodation.

It is a fact that over 50% of the disputes that arise between landlords and their tenants over withheld deposits are a result of cleaning standards not being up to scratch when a tenant vacates a property.

Having a house cleaned by us means that your deposit will never be withheld for the quality of cleanliness. We are so confident that we offer a secure and 100% guaranteed cleaning service for end of tenancy. A 48-hour guarantee of quality and hygiene standards will start as soon as the job is done.

How long does a house clean take?

  • The size of the property
  • Any special features or contents
  • Additional cleaning services ordered
  • Detailed property picture report
  • Efficient and rapid service to save you time and money
  • Use of fully equipped vehicles that carry professional cleaning solution and machinery
  • Upholstery, carpet, curtain and window cleaning is also provided upon request.

We have a price band that covers properties of different sizes and complexities, and this we will stick to no matter how long the cleaning takes. We will keep going until everything is cleaned thoroughly with no extra payment needed.

Why Choose Us?

While it’s true that there are a lot of end of tenancy cleaning service providers in London we are convinced that the service we offer is the best. And we’ve put together a little list of why we think you should pick us.

  • Guaranteed service– Perfect results, no matter how long it takes. If we’ve missed anything we will do it again. We offer a full 48-hour guarantee after our team leave the property.
  • We constantly offer special deals and promotions,
  • We give free basic oven cleaning as standard with every tenancy cleaning procedure.
  • Customer service -24/7 so that you can contact us when you need to - day or night.
  • We can do short notice even at weekends &bank holidays and you won’t be charged any extra.Try our evening services for exactly the same price as a daytime clean.
  • We offer discounts when you book more than one end of tenancy clean with us.
  • We use only environmentally and people friendly methods of cleaning and products.
  • We have well-equipped and professional teams in London and Greater London and we believe that the service we offer cannot be beaten!

Our End of Tenancy Cleaning Service includes:

  • Clean and polish every work surface Internal clean of all drawers and cupboards
  • Remove all old foodstuffs, carrier bags etc. and dispose of Clean of sinks,taps and removal of lime scale and other stains All tiles wall and other tiles will be degreased, cleansed and given a polish as well as cleaning grout out of any mould
  • Oven cleaning interior and exterior Extractor clean Clean and defrosting of refrigerator/freezer
  • Washing machine clean, inside and out
  • Dishwasher clean internal and external Clean all appliances including kettle, toaster and microwave
  • All bins to be cleaned inside and out
  • De-scale and clean of shower screen
  • De-grease tiles and remove any mould growth
  • De scale and thorough drying of basin, bath, taps, showers and all fittings
  • Toilet and toilet seat de-scaled and cleaned
  • Any products left b=behind by tenants to be removed
  • Mirrors cleaned and polished
  • Floors scrubbed and sanitised
  • Dusting of light fittings and shades, and all other railings, light switches, mirrors etc. Carpets to be vacuum cleaned Lifting of all mattresses to vacuum under
  • Windowsills to be wiped down and internal cleaning of windows
  • Any rubbish to be cleared
  • All bedroom furniture to be cleaned thoroughly
  • Cleaning of bedroom carpet