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professional carpet cleaning services

Professional Carpet cleaning methods in London

carpet cleaning services

Buying a new carpet can be a really enjoyable experience, whether it is for a new home or to replace exisiting floor coverings. This is the chance to stamp your own personality and style on your home, and even increase the value of the house. To make the most of your carpet and ensure its longevity, experts agree that you should have it professional cleaned every 12 to 14 months. That's where we come in with our carpet cleaning in London.

Some studies suggest that there could be almost 10 pounds of dirt and grime within one square yard of carpet. Not a nice thought is it? A carpet might appear to be clean but within the fibres dirt is lurking. Regular cleaning will not only keep the carpet looking its best but it will also ensure that it is deeply sanitised.

Our professional cleaners will implement a nine-step system to keep your carpet looking as good as new. We believe that this system represents one of the very best systems available in the London and our carpet cleaning services will prove it.

Our Common Carpet Cleaning Methods are :

1. The Shampoo Method

The idea behind the shampoo method is to get a lot of foam into the carpet. The foam is then allowed to dry capturing within it the dirt from the carpet. Then the residue containing all the dirt is vacuumed up the next day.

Carpet shampoo products must have following characteristics:

  • Increased foam levels to reduce excessive wetting
  • Stable foam
  • Lubricant to reduce any damage to carpet fibres by the brushes
  • Must dry to a stable non-sticky powder

The most common ingredient in carpet shampoo is sodium lauryl sulfate or similar. Hair shampoos contains sodium lauryl sulfate too and that is because sodium lauryl sulfate and its derivatives have a high and very stable foam. A soft, sticky residue would be no good as it would cause resoiling. To prevent resoiling problems, carpet shampoos will often also have an additive such as a resin to reduce any resoiling.

Because shampoos are really quite poor detergents - simply burying the dirt, they frequently also contain high levels of optical brightener which works by taking invisible ultraviolet light converting it to visible light, making a carpet seem cleaner and brighter than it really is - for a little while. Eventually the carpet will yellow.

One of two machines are most commonly used:

  • A Cylindrical Foam machine
  • A Rotary Shampoo machine

The Cylindrical Foam Shampoo machine works by using an air compressor to create dry foam. That foam is then applied to the carpet. Next the carpet is agitated with revolving cylindrical brush combing the foam through the pile of the carpet. The dirt is trapped in the carpet pile and removed by vacuuming after the foam has dried. Carpets should also be vacuumed before cleaning.

The Rotary Shampoo method uses a rotary floor machine of the type that is used for stripping wax from floors. It works by spraying shampoo onto the carpet from a tank while a rotary brush whips the detergent into a foam. Most carpet sellers will discourage the use of rotary brushes on carpet without proper training because it can potentially damage the carpet mainly by overwetting that can cause jute straining, shrinkage and odor.

Carpet cleaning methods used at home will not offer the best cleaning and will be susceptible to resoiling problems. At Aqua Carpet Cleaning Ltd. we use only the best carpet cleaning methods in London.

Common Carpet Cleaning Methods :

Steam Cleaning (Soak & Suck) Steam cleaning (hot water and detergent cleaning) is the injecting of water at high pressure into the carpet and its backing. The water is immediately sucked back out. Steam Cleaning (Soak & Suck) relies on water to clean your carpets, but can result in over wetting carpets with longer drying times. A high pH carpet cleaning solution is used in steam cleaning followed by a second clean applied to neutralise the carpet cleaning process.

Steam Cleaning - Using Hot Water Extraction :

  • Cleaning solution that is flat and inactive
  • Cleaning utlilises high pH cleaning solutions
  • Uses soaps, surfactants and chemicals
  • Encourages resoil
  • Requires large quantity of water
  • High pressure delivery
  • Lonf drying time
  • residue attacts residual dirt

Our Professional Carpet Cleaning Services in London includes:

  • We use biodegradable pre-treatment sprays to get rid of oily substances and pollutants deep within the carpet.
  • Our machine will groom your carpet so that it is as good as new.
  • Home owners are encouraged to point out particular areas that need extra cleaning.
  • Twin dual rotating brushes break up dirt particles to allow them to be removed efficiently.
  • Carpet pile is left looking fresh and clean.
  • An industrial vacuum uses powerful cleaning actions to give the best performance possible.
  • Tough stains cannot resist the deep dirt extraction process we use. Our triple vacuum process uses high pressured hot water extracting dirt and maximising results.
  • "Stain identifier" - our process of finding the cause of stains, and then using the right type of removal methods to ensure flawless stain extraction.
  • All cleaning methods are eco-friendly and are child and pet friendly.
  • Fouls smells and odours are banished from the carpet.
  • The Aqua process includes a rinse of the cleaned area to stop stains returning in the future.

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